About Us
Our History

DD Wildan Enterprise is an online store which is owned by Farah, have been founded since 2015. We are a registered company with Reg No: UEN 53289077M. We strive to be the best online store providing your needs under one roof here in Singapore.

Our Products

We offer the best quality of children and mothers' products such as IQ WILDAN milk, Medigion supplement, Caliph Kids supplement, Educational Kids Tab, Electronic Sejadah, LEMONEX health supplement, MK8 Potion, Deeja Cosmetics, OKAYA Foundation, Islamic Digital Radio, Portable PSP, MP4 Kids Player and many others.

Our Guarantees

You can now shop online in the convenience of your home, with the guarantee that the items reach your doorstep safely and yet with reasonable price as we always insist on giving customers the best prices possible.

Our Achievements

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We hope our customers always have pleasant shopping experience with us, Every item, no matter how small it is, will be meticulously checked, packaged and shipped, along with our appreciation of your patronage

We will improve our service from time to time as we do not desire a one-time shopping customer but retain loyal customers with satisfaction.

Rest assured that questions, comments are always welcomed and appreciated.