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This is a Pre-order Item.

“BRAIN BOOSTER G99” is a supplement containing BEETROOT and GINGKO BILOBA that helps to strengthen mind and stamina 💪

Suitable for those above 15 and also adults and elderly.

Brain Booster G99 has been taken by many consumers and they are very satisfied with it 👍

Benefits of Brain Booster:
✔Sharpens the brain, encourages interest to learn
✔Active mind and body
✔Increase concentration, strengthen memory skills
✔Ease to wake up in the morning and energetic all day
✔Ease feelings of anxiety, fear and panic
✔Membantu merangsang minat untuk belajar.
✔Prevents fever, gastric, headache, sinus
✔Helps to balance emotions, less short tempered 
✔Aids in blood circulation, nerve system and immune system
✔Ease physical and mental fatigue

Suitable from 2 years old and above 

Take 1 tablet every morning and 1 tablet Before sleep

1 bottle has 60 tablet and is for 1 month supply. 


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