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Ever feel worried when your babies and kids are down with flu? 😱

Not sleeping the whole night because of cranky babies or kids who cannot sleep as they are bothered with the mucus running non stop?

Uncomfortable babies and kids who have blocked nose yet they dont know what to do about it?

Now we have NASAL ASPRIRATOR thats very gentle on the kids nostrils. Will not hurt them. 
Kids will even be happy to use it as it comes with music.

No more need to squeeze their nose.
No more need to suck out until they cry.

Let’s clear their noses gently off mucus so both kids and parents can sleep well

Nasal Aspirator is a MUST for all parents with young kids. It can be a saviour at night when kids cannot sleep due to flu.

Very gentle and will NOT hurt kids’ fine veins or nostrils. Very effective in suctioning out mucus.

Will not traumatise kids. Comes with songs.

Selling price $139
But now we are giving SPECIAL PROMOTION of $60 ONLY!! Yes just $60! 😱
Savings of $79🎉

And the best part is, thats not all, we are giving 5 more FREE GIFT worth more than $30++
👉 FREE battery
👉 FREE 3 Silicon Probes for baby (0-3m, 3-1yr and 1yr above)
👉 FREE 25 Hygiene disposable caps
👉 FREE 2 spare sealings

P/S: Warranty of 1 year! 

this is pre order waiting time about 1-2 weeks 

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