Silentzzz Oil

Anti snoring
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SILENTZZZ is a mixture of various essential oils such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender. may have an action on the soft palate (and even the greater area of the pharynx) via an antispasmodic action altering the tone of the musculature such as to reduce palatal thus reducing the noise.


The essential oils might also increase blood flow to the palate thereby causing even a modest increase in ‘stiffness’ and again reducing flutter and noise.

Helianthus annuus L (Sunflower) seed oil, Vitis vinifera (Grape) seed oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) leaf oil, Eucalyptus globolus leaf oil, Lavandula augustifolia (Lavender) oil, Cymbopogon citratus leaf oil, Tocopheryl acetate


Massage: Pour into the palm of your hands and massage in your chest and neck. T zone area nose n head and your ears. 

Pour onto palms and massage on your chest and neck.

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